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Design & Build

In addition to maintaining and servicing landscapes for homeowners and commercial operations, Capital Land Management offers professional Landscape Design and Installation services.

We accept all size landscape design projects. From small residential landscape and irrigation needs to larger, more intricate and extensive landscapes, we do it all at an affordable price. This includes installation. 

Our experienced landscape design team can design a more beautiful and sustainable landscape that requires less water and ongoing care. We design and install original landscapes and irrigation systems. Plus, we also do redesigns, upgrades and beautifications to existing landscapes. 

Capital Land Management produces gorgeous landscapes that are well planned, lush and colorful. We use the right plants in the right places, taking in account precise soil pH, moisture and sun/shade temperature conditions. Plus, we help homeowners and property managers avoid costly mistakes beforehand. Best of all, our Landscape Design services cost substantially LESS MONEY than others in the business.

9 Principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping

•    Right Plant, Right Place
•    Water Efficiently
•    Fertilize as Needed
•    Maximize Mulch
•    Attract Wildlife
•    Control Pests Responsibly
•    Recycle
•    Reduce Storm Water Runoff
•    Protect the Waterfront 

At Capital Land Management, we adhere to the above 9 principles when designing your landscape. 

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