Capital Land Management also services, repairs and installs residential and commercial Irrigation Systems.

We’re highly experienced. And we comply with all local city and county government and Southwest Florida Water Management District (Swiftmud) regulations and restrictions. This includes the installation of water savers, such as rain sensors and low volume irrigation.

We’re one of the few professional Landscape Maintenance companies in Central Florida who is also properly licensed to service Irrigation Systems. This means we can save you money, because our landscape maintenance programs include servicing and inspecting your Irrigation System.

Our once-a-month Irrigation Check-Ups include:

•    Check timer program settings and reset as needed.
•    Program your timer for new sod/landscaping needs and time changes.
•    Test each zone for proper coverage.
•    Clean and adjust sprinkler heads as well as inspect heads and nozzles for damage.
•    Raise donuts and pack dirt around heads.
•    Straighten heads as necessary.
•    Check all control valves.
•    Survey property for any leaks.
•    Inspect pump station/water supply functions.
•    Inspect all other mechanical systems for defects.

Our irrigation team will fill out monthly reports, letting you know how your Irrigation System is performing.

If necessary, we can improve and upgrade your existing Irrigation System with the newest, most advanced technologies available. Plus, we also do new installations.