Florida Fertilization and Pest Control Programs by CLM

Fertilizers are concentrated nutrients designed to help your grass, trees, plants and flowers grow and remain healthy.

Capital Land Management offers proven fertilization programs designed to enhance plant growth and health. We apply the right fertilizers for the right plants – and at the right times of year.

Below you’ll find more information about our programs:

Lawn Treatment Program

Capital Land Management offers a Lawn Treatment Program designed to build a stronger, healthier lawn that is able to withstand the harsh elements our Florida weather brings. We design each application according to the time of year and the current conditions of your lawn.

Our basic Lawn Treatment Program includes six treatments per year. This includes:

•    Fertilizer with iron and other micro-nutrients

•    Turf Damaging Insect Control

•    Broadleaf Weed Control

If you ever have concerns about your lawn in between regularly scheduled treatments, we respond promptly and re-treat your lawn if necessary. We’ll also make further recommendations to help you achieve the desired results.

Occasionally, your lawn may require additional applications that are not part of our basic program. We can provide additional assessments and estimates based on your lawn’s needs. These problem areas include the following:

•    Fungus
•    Fire Ants
•    Fleas & Ticks
•    Sedge Grass
•    pH Correction
•    Round-up* Applications

* Because there are no longer chemicals available for the treatment of Crab Grass, Wild Bermuda and other wild grasses, we recommend killing these areas with Round-up and replacing with St. Augustine grass. NOTE – Bermuda and Crab Grass may return – and there is no guarantee that it will not return.


Tree/Plant/Flower Care Program

Capital Land Management also offers a proven Plant Care Program designed to protect your living assets and enhance the appearance of your landscaping year-round. It includes between two to four treatments per year.

Our plant care treatments combine the use of slow release and quick-feed fertilizers specifically intended for shrubs and small trees. We also treat for insects and diseases that can harm your plants by using the latest systematic control products. Our treatments are designed only for plants and trees that actually need additional fertilization to survive.

At Capital Land Management, we don’t believe in using one fertilizer for all plants. We use the proper fertilizers for the right plant. Knowing your plants is the first step. Certain plants need acidic type fertilizers, while others either need a slow release or fast release fertilizer with the proper micro-nutrients. Palms, in particular, require a big micro-nutrient package that differs from other plants.

If you ever have concerns between your regularly scheduled treatments, we respond promptly and re-treat your shrubs and other plants if necessary.