Capital Land Management Saves Homeowners Money

Capital Land Management provides a better, more complete landscape maintenance service for less money.

Unlike other places who only mow grass, edge, blow away clippings and leave in a matter of minutes, we take time to properly maintain your entire landscape, not just your lawn.

For one LOW PRICE a month, we do all of the following for our residential customers:

•    Trim Bushes, Hedges and Trees

•    Weed Garden Areas and Perform Weed Control

•    Fertilize Lawn, Flowers – Your Entire Landscape

•    Spray to Eliminate Unwanted Insect Infestations

•    Maintain and Adjust Your Irrigation System

•    Provide Special Care Year-Round As Needed

•    Inspect Your Landscaping For Potential Problems and Provide Professional Advice and Help

We do all this for you – for the same money or less than you’re currently paying your lawn guy to mow the grass.